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In November, Kiah Johnston, a teacher at the Havenlee Special School, was the guest speaker at a Rotary Nowra meeting and explained the services and education provided to their students with an intellectual disability. She said that whilst, like other schools they do receive government support, they do rely on fundraising activities and public support for the purchase of additional equipment.

Kiah explained the workings of a sensory roller and the wonderful therapy it would provide to students that have a need for tactile sensory information such as touch and pressure, without which could cause unsettled behaviour, discomfort and distraction. The foam, old fashion washing roller like, equipment delivers sensory input through calming deep pressure in a fun and engaging way.

Rotary Nowra members were very impressed with Kiah and her work colleague’s dedication to the health and welfare of their special needs’ students. Following Kiah’s presentation, the Rotary Nowra board, with the support of members, donated $1,000 for the purchase of a sensory roller. Two Rotarians also drove to Sydney to pick up the equipment to ensure the delivery before the Christmas holiday break.

Recently Nowra Rotarians presented Havenlee Special School principal, Katrina Maxwell, with the Sensory Roller at the school and watched on as it was being used, enthusiastically, by the Havenlee students.

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