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PP Phil had been instrumental in obtaining $5000 in RAWCS funding for drought relief and to say they were happy about the money would be an understatement. Sue Joliffe was the head volunteer and we also met Helen, Caroline, Ross Williams (Forbes Rotary) and Graham Uphill (Forbes Rotary).The pantry is stocked with a great variety of grocery items, magazines, bakery and other essentials. They do not stock meat simply because of the cost on power of running the freezers. We were made exceedingly welcome and came away, after a big afternoon tea and chat,most impressed with Nell’s Pantry.

Saturday morning we were up early to get to Bedgerebong Show. Our allotted task was catering to stewards and judges at each of the different places, cattle, pigs, horses, sheep and in Pavilion. The farmers and locals we met were wonderful people and when they were told about why we were there were most appreciative. There is a drought and we pray for rain as some said this year there is again unlikely to be a crop in most areas compounded by high feed prices for stock. The Show was very well attended and the people were all friendly. Judy gave two belly dance sessions in the Pavilion, the first one only Polly was game enough to get up for lessons on belly dance but the second one was a better result as Judy did a demonstration first and then had onlookers joining in for free dance time.

No doubt my outstanding success at chutney, 2nd Place, is all over Facebook. I have the card and $0.50c to prove it.

At the Show, Mark organised to give the small local school 4 boxes of school books from Cambewarra School.

Saturday night happened to be Forbes Rotary Changeover Night at Forbes Bowling Club. It is always good to attend other clubs and hear about their projects, fundraising and members.

Bedgerebong has its annual race day in mid-February; it would be a lot of fun and again support the towns that need it, if you are interested let’s talk.

The weekend was memorable and we are all glad we could make a small contribution to support our drought stricken community around Forbes.

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