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Supporting Farmers throuh the drought

Nell's Pantry was set up by the Anglican Church at Forbes to collect and donate food and goods to farmers and others suffering extreme hardship brought on by the relentless drought. The Nell's Pantry committee were extremely happy with the gesture of  support from Rotary Nowra. The committee have already identified around 30 families with young children that will be in need of support this Christmas.

Mark told Sue and her committee that the Jervis Bay Baptist Church provided 20 Boxes, Amy Cord coordinated the provision of 20 boxes from students and teachers at the Wollongong University and Nowra Rotarians and Rotarians from other Clubs in the Shoalhaven, along with Friends of Rotary, provided the remainder of boxes.

Those preparing the Shoe boxes were ask to

  • Select a an age group 2-4, 5-9 or 10-14 either boy or girl.
  • Fill each shoebox with simple gifts - include something from each of the five(5) following categories:
  • Something to wear, Something to play with, Something for school, Something to love, Something special.
  • Wrap the box in Christmas paper and ribbon or tape
  • Label the box with the sex and age group.

Rotary Nowra and the Forbes community thank all those who participated.

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