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2023 Shoalhaven Fund-raising Raffle Calendar


In 2012 Julie and I toured the UK for 4 months. During our travels we stayed in Scotland with Rotarians from Perth Kinnoull Rotary Club.

During our stay we attended their Rotary meeting.  At the meeting they discussed their Annual Raffle Calendar that they have produced and sold for many years now. Julie was captivated by this project and on our return to Australia proposed the idea to our board who saw it as a good fundraising opportunity.

Perth Kinnoull had many more members than us and their Club undertook the project and sold the raffle calendars themselves. The money they raised was then dispersed to their Rotary programs, projects, local charities and other not-for-profit service organisations they support, similar to the way our and most Rotary Clubs do.

Whilst our Board saw this as a great low energy high return fund raiser, it recognised that we may not have the network at the time to sell the 2,000 calendars required for a successful fundraising outcome. We put our thinking caps on and the strategy that we adopted was to partner with two other Shoalhaven Rotary clubs Sussex Inlet (central) and Milton-Ulladulla (South).

Julie accepted the position of project coordinator and was made an Honorary member of Rotary Nowra in 2013 to enable her liaise and negotiate with Rotary clubs and businesses as an official representative of our Club. Julie later became a member and served as International Service Director for a term.

Following Julie’s appointment as project coordinator her and the appointed Rotarian sub-committee then organised the 2015 Shoalhaven Fund-raising Raffle Calendar.

The outcome was that this project raised $32,000 for participating Shoalhaven charities and not-for-Profit service organisations.


With the aid of a PowerPoint presentation Julie explained, in detail, the unique elements of the calendar.

  • Charities and not-for profit organisations participation & commitment
  • Sponsors and advertising
  • Amateur Photo Graphic competition
  • Monthly Raffle draws

Having done this project before, lessons were learnt regarding ownership and commitment. This time two main changes will be made:

  • Due to the previous difficulty of three clubs taking an equal share of ownership and commitment to the project, Rotary Nowra will be the only club involved.
  • Rather than selecting the charities to be involved and hoping that they will take ownership and commitment to sell calendars, Julie proposes that prior to the commencement of the project letters are sent to the charities and not-for-profit service organisations’ including SESCA members, calling for their expression of interest to participate and how many calendars they wish to sell.

Since Julie’s presentation, Shoalhaven City Council has offered assistance with the distribution of our correspondence to those community organisations that they believe have the resources to participate.

The overall concept is that Rotary Nowra will provide the product and the participating charities and not-for-profit service organisations will sell it.

The carrot for the participating organisations is that for every $20 raffle calendar they sell, their organisation will immediately earn $18 for their operational use.  

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