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Ruby's Home

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How the Ruby’s Home Project Works

Ruby’s work with families & kids to live together

Ruby’s is a circuit breaker

Kids referred by:






Kids stay at Ruby’s up to 3 days each week

Kids then return to their families for 4 days

Ruby’s work with families and kids usually up to 6 months

There’s never an empty bed in a Ruby’s home

Up to 15 teenagers accommodated weekly

Home is manned 24/7 by a social worker

Social workers work with the family

Allied health professionals also involved

85% return to live full time with their family

A normal family home not an ‘institution’

Ruby’s is an intervention program

Aims to stop homelessness before it emerges

Once homeless, it can reoccur throughout life

Rotary an ideal partner for Government


Rotary District 9705 Partners

  •  Shoalhaven City Council
  • NSW Govt
  • NSW Dept of Communities and Justice
  • Housing NSW

 The Operation of the Service

  • Rotary donations are secured in a District trust fund
  • Service provider applies for Rotary's support
  • Rotary funds non-operational requests
  • Govt covers: staff/running costs, maintenance

 The Next Steps

The next steps to setting-up the project are:

  1. Established a Local Governance Committee
  2. Garner support from across the homelessness sector in Shoalhaven area
  3. Lobby your local NSW MP and candidates standing for the March 2023 election
  4. Establish relationship with Housing NSW
  5. Identify a suitable home
  6. Liaise with NSW Dept of Communities and Justice
  1. Seek financial support
    • Apply for government grants
    • Approach local/state trusts
    • Seek philanthropists support
    • Secure local business donations
    • Promote the Ruby’s Project
    • Find local ‘Champions’

 Rotary’s Commitment

  1. Rotary may ‘top up’ establishment costs
  2. Rotary will be part of a Shoalhaven and NSW Govt working group
  3. Select an appropriate media spokesperson to represent the Project
  4. Encourage Rotary members to look for potential donors
  5. Promote the Ruby’s home to as many key people as possible
  6. The Project can encourage younger people to join Rotary

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